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Terrain Alpes : des zones internes aux bassins d'avant chaîne

Main targets:
This teaching is based on observations, analyses and interpretation of field data related with orogenic and sedimentary processes from the French Alps example.
Various data will be integrated (structural analyses, petrology, stratigraphy, geophysic…) in order to reconstruct the local geological context and to discuss geological problems such as thickening processes, exhumation mechanisms, paleo-environmental and morphological evolution.
We also focus on methodology to report field observations.
Teaching content :
Each day, paired students will performed geological mapping, outcrop and landscape analyses from a restricted area.
After field work, short reports including geological maps, cross sections, observation and interpretative sketches will be asked.
Two more detailed reports will be asked back in Lyon. 


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Département ENS
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    Guillemette Ménot
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    Emmanuelle Lousson
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