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Mineral Physics I. Static properties of minerals.

Introduction to the physical basis of mineralogy. Physical properties of minerals. Numerical simulations of physical properties. From computed physical properties at atomic scale to geophysical observables: phase diagrams and the internal structure of the Earth, from elastic tensors to seismology.
Credits:  3
Responsable : Razvan Caracas
Class structure : 18h Course, 12h Practice


1. Advanced crystallography: symmetry operations in matrix forms, group theory and space groups, crystalline structures, multidimensional crystallography

2. Energy of a crystalline structure: introduction in density-functional theory, computations of energy, electron density distribution, numerical simulations

3. Phase diagrams : introduction to thermodynamics, thermodynamical potentials, enthalpy variation under pressure, transition pressure

4. Mechanical properties: compressibility and equations of state, elastic constants tensor, seismic wave velocities, relations to seismic observables

5. Electronic and magnetic properties: insulators and metals, origins of color, magnetism and magnetic spin transitions

Practical exercises on the supercomputers of the Centre Blaise Pascal of ENS Lyon.

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