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Research training

ECTS credit number: 9

Teaching managers: Claude Colombié (PSP)/Sylvain Pichat (T&P)



Students are making a traineeship in a laboratory or company on the directory of a researcher/traineeship mentor.


Practical information:

  • Founds for internships in foreign countries (ENS Lyon / International)
  • Application for the traineeship agreement (elipse): January of the current year
  • Traineeship beginning: around mid-April
  • Internship duration: 8 weeks for the validation of this teaching unit; 12, for ENS students


Acquired skills:

  • Introduction to research approach
  • Writing a report in the specialised article format
  • Oral presentation of this work in front of the traineeship mentor scientific team


Assessment procedure:

  1. Writing a maximum of 5-pages report in the specialised article format (half of the total grade). This report will include :
  • Cover page with title, student and traineeship mentor first and last names, stage place, abstract (maximum 400 words)
  • Presentation of the internship subject/scientific problematic
  • Methods used to answer this problematic
  • Obtained or expected results
  • Discussion and/or perspectives
  • Reference list (maximum 30)
  • Free annexes (a few annexes that bring the useful but not essential information)

To submit before 16 June 2017 (at 9 :00 AM Paris Time) in the submission folder (enter your password then go to « ajout d’un élément » in view to add your report file). We will not accept reports submitted out of time.

We will send your report to a reviewer, specialist of your subject, who will grade your report according to :

  • Presentation and consistency of the scientific approach (objectives, methodology, data exploitation, etc.)
  • Research work (data acquisition, description, and interpretation, synthesis capacity, etc.)
  • Presentation quality (writing, illustrations, references, etc.)


  1. Oral presentation (half of the total grade).

Students will present their research issue and work (15 min+10 min for questions) in front of a jury including:

  •  for students working in Lyon and its neighbouring:

All the M1 students (PSP and T&P) and their traineeship mentors and the teaching unit « Apprentissage à la recherche » managers. The oral presentation will take place on 22 June 2017 (schedule transmitted later).

  • for students working elsewhere (in France or foreign countries)

Members of the traineeship mentor scientific team. Other members of the lab can also participate. The jury will grade the presentation quality (delivery, organization, and content). An evaluation guide will be sent to the traineeship mentor by the end of May. The traineeship mentor will send the oral grade and a small report (about the student behaviour during his internship) to our secretary before 22 June 2017 (9 :00 AM Paris Time), the M1 jury taking place on 30 June.

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