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Field class: geological 3D mapping

Number of credits: 6 ECTS

Teaching manager: Philippe, Hervé Leloup

Other teachers: BRGM specialists

Kind of teaching: 10 days in the Ales region (Gard, France) with field work and indoor classes.

Teaching content:

The goal is to teach modern field geology allowing building a 3D geological model of a given area that shows a great variety of facies and structures.

During the 10 days onsite the students will:

- Learn the basics of 3D geological modelling

- Learn how to use the Geomodeller software developed by the BRGM and by Intrepid Geophysiscs (

- Perform geological field mapping of a parcel, both to understand the geological history and produce a 3D model. The model will be based mostly on the students own observations but also on other data sources (drill holes, gravimetry).

- Produce a report showing the 3D model.

This requires learning how to efficiently gather field data (localisation, description, measurements) and how to integrate them in a numerical 3D geometrical model that has to take into account the local geologic history.

Acquired skills:

Both classical geological (facies recognition, field-mapping, structural measurements) and informatics skills (Geomodeller software).

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