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20/02/17 Julien Plancq (Glasgow university)

Titre: The ALKENoNE project: Developing the lacustrine alkenone-based temperature proxy (à la Doua, salle Fontanes)
When Feb 20, 2017
from 02:00 to 03:00
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The ALKENoNE project: Developing the lacustrine alkenone-based temperature proxy



Alkenones have been used for decades to reconstruct quantitative marine temperature records. Their use as terrestrial temperature proxy is however hampered by the fact that different lakes can contain different species of haptophyte algae implying different temperature calibrations. This can be overcome by creating a site-specific core top calibration, using environmental genomics to determine the specie(s) of haptophyte present, and/or using enrichment or isolated algal cultures to generate a culture-based temperature calibration. In the framework of the ERC-funded Project “ALKENoNE: Algal Lipids, Key to Earth Now and aNcient Earth”, a large set of surface sediments collected in 106 lakes from the Canadian prairies (Saskatchewan region) is currently being studied for alkenone composition and alkenone producers. These lakes span a 5° latitudinal gradient and a large range of salinity (Δ 102 ppt).

Here, I will present the objectives of the ALKENoNE project and the results obtained so far.

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